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The method we use in the interpretation of Scripture is crucial for a correct understanding of God’s Word. Unfortunately, postmodern trends in the Christian church have largely led to the abandonment of the idea that in Scripture God is still speaking to us. But in order to hear God correctly, we need to apply proper methods in the interpretation of his Word. Understanding Scripture, volume one in this series, seeks to uncover methods of interpretation that arise from the Scriptures themselves and are in harmony with the Adventist high view of the Bible as the Word of God. The second volume, Interpreting Scripture, applies these methods to more than ninety difficult Bible texts. In addition, it addresses a number of questions concerning the Bible, such as “Who wrote the Bible?” “Are there mistakes in the Bible?” and “Why do Christian scholars interpret Scripture in so many different ways?”. In the third volume, twelve Adventist scholars, and theologians explore crucial aspects of biblical interpretation from a Seventh-day Adventist perspective. From their wide-ranging exploration of important aspects of biblical hermeneutics, they draw out key biblical principles for interpreting Scripture. These volumes are an essential guide to the understanding of Adventist hermeneutics and a valuable resource for anyone wanting a better understanding of the Bible.

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